Recruitment Assistant

A recent graduate of Saint Mary’s University, Deshani Nowell joined the team at Accountant Staffing and Administrative Staffing in June 2022 as a Recruitment Assistant. With a Bachelor of Commerce in Human Resources Management and Industrial Relations, Deshani brings previous recruitment and administrative experience to this position.

In this role, she supports a team of Recruitment Consultants with a variety of tasks including scheduling, information management, communication and marketing. An ambitious attitude has made her a wonderful fit for this growing position and her contributions to the team are significant.

Deshani is a member of the Chartered Professionals in Human Resources Nova Scotia and is eager to become a certified designation holder. Apart from her professional life, she loves nature and enjoys engaging in meaningful conversations. Whether it’s a random trip to the ocean front or having thoughtful discussions, she’ll be in her happy place.

Deshani Nowell